Selections From My “Love Is” Series

Selections From My “Love Is” Series | sowing seeds with the love tractor | Francesco Galle contemporary art artist prints for sale, Toronto art studio

Back in February, I posted a new illustration each day from my “Love Is” prints series to commemorate Valentine’s Day. You’ll see a few illustrations from other collections as well which I thought fit with the theme.

It’s a beautiful time we can share with the one we love. I tried to capture some of that magic in these illustrations. You can find each of these Toronto art prints for sale on my website in various formats, including canvas, acrylic, metal panels, photo paper, framed, and more. You can also choose from many different sizes depending on what type of space you want to fill.
Alone On Our Boat

In this illustration, I wanted to capture the feeling of a peaceful getaway alone with the one you love

Sowing Seeds With The Love Tractor

Have you ever worked together to build a relationship with someone? Sowing seeds for your future? This is the idea I tried to capture here.

Cherry Kissing Lovers

What do lovers love to share together? Among other things, food. These two lovers bond over their love of each other and of cherries.

Rosa’s Red Pepper

Similar to the Cherry Kissing Lovers, I wanted to capture two lovers and their love of eating together.

Family Walking Back From The Library In Winter

Valentine’s Day is about love, and not just romantic love. The love of family can be just as important. This is a scene many Canadians will be familiar with, returning from the library with a pile of new knowledge and ideas to explore.

Son Holding Family Together

Sometimes, a child can be the glue that holds a family together through the pure expression of his love and innocence.

The Addolorata Church in Serra San Bruno, Calabria

This is a famous church in my hometown of Serra San Bruno in Calabria. It’s from my architecture series but the couple standing on the church fit with the Valentine’s Day theme.

Couple On An Elephant Ride

A whimsical little piece about a couple riding an elephant and enjoying life in their own little world.

Spring Bike Lovers

A couple enjoying a nice spring day riding through the park on a bike. The man looks like he’s enjoying it more than the lady!

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You can find these and other prints for sale on my website. If you’re interested in these or other prints, or you’d like to talk about a custom art project, contact me at 416-876-4540 or by email at

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