Story Behind The Print: The Polar Bear Canadian Flag

I’ve spent my life surrounded by Italian culture. Having been born in Calabria, I moved at six years old to Toronto’s Little Italy, where I still live today. As Toronto has one of the biggest populations of Italians outside of Italy, you could say I never really left.

But that doesn’t mean the culture didn’t change. Life in Canada helped shape the artist I am today. Especially the landscape – you’ll find one of the most consistent themes in my art is the Canadian art prints. As a Toronto artist, I love the city, but it’s the natural landscape of Canada that has really touched me.

In particular, the polar bear has always struck me with its beauty. You can find polar bears in Greenland, Russia, Alaska, etc. but to me there’s something so distinctly Canadian about them. It was this that inspired me to make this piece.

Italian Art Prints: Commissioned Work For Tutto Pronto | polar bear Canadian flag | Francesco Galle contemporary art artist prints for sale, Toronto art studio

Taking the colours of the Canadian flag, I sort of inverted it to create a theme that’s both expressive of the beauty of the polar bear combined with a dash of national identity.

You can find this print for sale on my website, as well as many other Canadiana art prints.

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