Finding The Creative Place To Make Art


Finding The Creative Place To Make Art | Francesco Galle | Artist In Toronto

Do you have one specific spot in your life where you feel most creative?

Maybe it’s a quiet corner of your favourite park, or a particular seat at your local coffee shop.

Whatever the reason, there’s a certain something about that place that keeps you coming back, that keeps the juices flowing, that keeps you coming back.

Certain spaces have that feel.

It’s almost like the bricks themselves have a certain memory, a level of understanding of what happened in that space and what it was created for.

It oozes out of the walls, permanently seared into the space.

Walk into an ashram, a church, or any other space designed with a spiritual purpose, and you’ll see what I mean.

For me, that space the studio I built for myself in the garage behind my house.

In a previous post, I wrote about how the space makes me feel, whether I’m creating fine art prints, working on a commissioned work, or creating Canadiana art prints in Toronto.

Here’s a photo of it, so you can get an idea of the space in which I like to work.

Studio where inspiration comes from | Francesco Galle | Artist In Toronto

This may not be the ideal space for every artist, but for me it’s pretty close to perfect.

I’ve been told by friends, family, and visitors that the space has a very specific vibe, and I like to think the years I’ve spent in the space accessing the creativity and ideas of the universe and allowing them to flow through me had something to do with it.

But right now, it’s being rebuilt, and that worries me.

It’s in the same space, on the same plot of land, and many of the same elements are in place.

But there are new elements too, new additions which will change the space for the better from many different perspectives.

But how will it affect the energy of the space?

Perhaps for the better.

Existing in the space you’re used to can be comforting, like a beat up old pair of shoes or a beat up old copy of Tupelo Honey.

You know exactly what to expect, and you know it will be pretty good.

But at the same time, that can be stifling, can’t it?

That beat up old pair of shoes isn’t going to help you much if you’re out on a date.

And that old record might have sounded great when you were a teenager, but now you hear more cracks and pops as the needle drags over it than you Van Morrison’s voice.

We need some comfort, but we can’t stay in comfort all the time.

Sometimes you need a new pair of shoes, and sometimes you need to listen to a new song.

And sometimes you need to destroy that old comfortable thing to make room for the new.

I can never go back to my studio the way it was, just like I can never wear that incredibly comfortable pair of shoes I threw away a decade ago once they were so beat up that I couldn’t wear them without losing my self respect.

But I can create something better.

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I’m a fine artist who lives and works here in Toronto.

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Each print is available in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and media, so no matter what space you want to fill with art, I have something for you.

I’m also available for commissioned works.

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