The Connective Power Of Nature

The Connective Power Of Nature | Francesco Galle | Artist In Toronto

There are so many different overlaps in nature and the universe that it’s sometimes hard to imagine it wasn’t created by design somehow.

By whom was it created?

I don’t know – and I don’t really have a conversation for you about it.

That’s not what this is about.

But consider the atom, for a moment.

Think back to your high school physics class, or the last science documentary you watched, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What does an oxygen atom look like?

Eight small electrons revolving around a larger cluster in the centre.

Then, imagine our solar system – eight small objects revolving around a larger cluster in the centre.

Oddly similar.

And if you took biology (or watched a documentary), remember what the veins in a human body look like, and then imagine a bolt of lightning, or the roots of a tree flowing down into the Earth.

All mirror images of each other.

Water matches this pattern too – take a look at this drawing of the Nile River Delta in Egypt as an example.

That sure looks like a tree root to me.

Water pattern | Francesco Galle | Artist In Toronto

It reminds me of how I use ink.

By allowing the ink to flow into water on the page, it spreads out much like the veins in your body, the roots of a tree in the ground, or the Nile Delta.

I’ve developed a specific technique for allowing the ink to flow into the water.

No matter what it is I’m painting, it makes me think of so much more than just my subject.

The importance of Nature in Art | Francesco Galle | Artist In Toronto

Take one of the pieces from my collection of Italian themed art prints, for example.

I may be illustrating Sophia Loren or Marcello Mastroiani, but when the ink flows off my brush I can’t help but imagine how my subject is connected with the greater universe and natural world.

Maybe this is why I enjoy reconnecting with the natural world.

The studio and the screen are both fine, but they can’t help but disconnect you from the world at large.

You need a balance, to be able to both inhale and exhale.

When I visit nature, whether it be the manicured paths of High Park or the unending wilderness of northern Ontario, I feel like it’s my chance to exhale.

If you’re creating art, and you’re stuck, it might be because you haven’t given yourself the space to exhale.

Consider spending a bit of time in nature, or the closest you can get to it based on where you live.

You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

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