pinocchio christmas cards

440px-ΟΙ_ΠΕΡΙΠΕΤΕΙΕΣ_ΤΟΥ_ΠΙΝΟΚΙΟEvery Christmas time I take out my black ink pen and my moss green watercolor and start the individual illustrations of
Pinocchio, the one I prefer is the original character that was illustraded by a Tuscan name Enrico Mazzanti (example up top) in the “Le avventure di Pinocchio. Storia di un burattino by Carlos Collodi, published first 1883.

I love that old world feel, where I sit quietly with music and like a turn of the century hand printer I illustrate and watercolor each one carefully and with care, It’s such a meditation to be in that space for such a long time. My illustration of Pinocchio is a slight variation on Mazzanti’s Pinocchio but still of that time, I hope you enjoy them and that I see you soon, stay well…

These are from the Pinocchio series I illustrated


pino 1

pino 2pino 3


Link to free Ebook of the original Pinocchio By Carlos Collodi in English enjoy: